Tona Brown

It is time to share my opinions on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment with all of you. I have been very fortunate in my life to have some amazing opportunities and and not so great things happen. I'm ready to share that with the world! - Tona Brown

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Tona was a great voice teacher for my daughter. She always went above and beyond, spending extra time with my daughter when she needed it for audition songs, etc. She really cares about her students.

~Laura Simmons,


Having known Tona for several years, I can say that Tona is a consummate professional. She is both an outstanding violin player and an accomplished vocal soloist. You can hear her passion in her performances and would never be disappointed in her performances.

She has not neglected the business aspects of the arts, and has brought the drive that she brings to her music to understanding and developing her skills on the business side as well.

She is a great mentor and role model for the next generation.

David Blanchard

Senior Technical Writer at Prinova